Millennium EPDM Flashing Tapes consist of an uncured EPDM membrane that has been laminated to a 25 mil EPDM based pressure sensitive tape adhesive. The fl ashing tape is extremely flexible and can be formed to fi t irregular shapes and surfaces.

Basic Use
Millennium EPDM Flashing Tapes are ideal for flashing rooftop penetrations and other details such as:
  • Overlay at T-joints, corners, pipes, and penetrations
  • General repair in non-traffic areas
  • Gravel stop flashing
  • General purpose flashing
  • Metal edge tie-in
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Item #





ET-0553-05 N/A Black N/A 5 "127 mm N/A 2 N/A 100 '30.48 m
ET-0553-06 N/A Black N/A 6 "152 mm N/A 2 N/A 100 '30.48 m
ET-0553-09 N/A Black N/A 9 "229 mm N/A 2 N/A 50 '15.24 m
ET-0553-12 N/A Black N/A 12 "305 mm N/A 1 N/A 50 '15.24 m
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