• Mustang 600 Workhorse
  • Tensiometer
  • Hand Tool Hot Jet S
  • Traic Drive S 1
  • VARIMAT V2 Hot Air Welding Machine and Accessories
  • OlyBond 500® Insulation Adhesives

    Fast, Friendly Insulation Attachment

    OlyBond500 is the premiere insulation adhesive for low-slope roofing applications. Whether your project is 10 squares or 10,000, there’s an OlyBond500 solution that’s right for you. OMG Roofing Products, the most trusted name in adhesive insulation attachment, also offers a large selection of innovative application equipment.

    • Patented PaceCart 2 ® is the exclusive application equipment for OlyBond500 ® using patented Bag-in-Box technology
    • Fastest application method on the market
    • Designed for high production roof projects
    • Lowest installed cost method of application
    • Inexpensive to purchase and operate
    • Can apply up to 60 squares of insulation per hour
    • Easy to operate, lightweight and portable
    • Two-component reaction occurs in the disposable mix tips, keeping the gun and hoses clean and free flowing
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • 30-ft. hose allows for easy application around penetrations
    • Clean, airtight delivery system
    • Built-in tool box holds extra mix tips, grease gun, etc.
    OlyBond500 makes big jobs seem small…and small jobs even easier!

    OlyBond500 is approved by most roof system manufacturers and is Factory Mutual, Underwriters Laboratories, Florida Building Code and Miami Dade approved.

  • RhinoBond Induction Fastening Systems

    With the advance of wide membranes, flutter has become a greater concern to building owners and contractors alike. The RhinoBond System from OMG Roofing Products provides a non-penetrating fastening solution that more evenly distributes the wind load.

    RhinoBond is an alternative insulation and membrane attachment system for TPO and PVC membranes. This all-in-one system uses the same fastener and plate to secure the membrane and the insulation to the deck without penetrating the roofing material. The result is a Factory Mutual-approved system that does not create any point of entry for moisture, requires fewer fasteners, fewer seams and provides superior wind uplift performance.

    Revolutionary Welding Tool

    RhinoBond is an alternative fastening method for TPO and PVC. With this system, one fastener secures the insulation and the membrane. The roof cover is then welded to the plates in a grid pattern across the roof using the RhinoBond induction welding tool. The result is a Factory Mutual approved system that uses fewer fasteners and provides superior wind performance.

    The RhinoBond Tool

    The RhinoBond tool is an electromagnetic induction welder based on patented SINCH ® technology. The tool comes with a set of magnetic cooling clamps, and is designed for use with specially coated plates. RhinoBond tools are easy to use and height adjustable. An LED display provides detailed information including start-up, ready, energy level, number of plates welded/remaining, and cycles to date. Error messages notify operator of high or low voltage conditions and if no plate is found.

  • Winco Industrial Portable Generators

    WINCO’s broad industrial portable line offers just the right generator for the job at hand. All generator models include the following features: Powder paint finish on rugged wrap-around welded tubular cradles; CARB / EPA approved premium engines with low oil protection; sizes ranging from 3,000 watts to 18,000 watts; large fuel tanks and GFCI’s standard on models 4,000 watts and larger. All WC models also include: Switchless Full Power which allows the full rated output from a single 120 volt or 240 volt outlet, or combination of both, without switching voltage settings; Conserv-R® automatic idle control; hour meter and fuel cap with gauge; full receptacle panel with circuit breakers.

    • ENGINES: Premium Honda and Briggs & Stratton Vanguard CARB and EPA certified engines equipped with low oil protection and industrial grade mufflers
    • FRAMES: Heavy duty tubular steel cradles protect the generator; rubber isolation mounts on engine and generator, compact size for easy transportation and handling
    • FUEL TANKS: Large 4.5, 7.0 and 15.0 gallon fuel tanks for longer run times on 4 kW and larger
    • CONTROL PANELS: Easy-access; wide variety of receptacles; circuit breaker protection
    • SUPERIOR GENERATOR END: 100% copper windings; high motor starting capabilities; self-regulating output voltage; built to last
    • FEATURES/STANDARDS: All units are 100% load tested; USFS- approved spark arrestors; WC models have Conserv-R® automatic idle control and hour meter.

  • Hand Carried Air Compressor
  • Toro® Dingo® TX Tracked Compact Utility Loader

    What makes the Toro® Dingo® the top-selling compact utility loader?

    Simply put, you’ll save labor while getting more done. The compact equipment equivalent of a Swiss Army knife, the Toro Dingo is the most versatile, reliable and hardest working compact utility loader on the market.

    Imagine all the jobs you can do and the time you can save. Every laborsaving Dingo model gives you effortless maneuverability with a short learning curve - even for inexperienced operators. No wonder it’s the top-selling compact utility loader available today.

    From Augering, Earth Moving, Tilling And Trenching To Leveling, Lifting, Hauling And Demolishing. The Options Are Endless.

    Determine The Toro Dingo That's Right For You

    While your operation's specific needs should be discussed with your Toro dealer, here are a few general advantages for each model type. For more information, visit toro.com/dingo.

    Toro defined the compact utility loader market and we continue to stay true to the category.

    Toro Dingo TX compact utility loaders possess the versatility to handle countless jobs on every site dig, haul, plant and build. Designed by Toro engineers specifically for professionals, the Dingo TX is an innovative, rugged and dependable piece of equipment that shows up for work every day, ready for virtually any job.

    These machines are built right delivering a high power-to-weight ratio and the lightest footprint in the compact utility loader category.

    Toro's patented, easy-to-use and learn controls make for more productive workers.

  • Backpack Blower BR 500
  • STIHL Hand Held Blower BG 55
  • Cut-off Machine 2

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