Millennium EPDM Seam Tape is an extruded, vulcanized, black pressure sensitive rubber adhesive tape designed to provide high strength, watertight seams for single ply EPDM roofing membranes. Millennium EPDM Seam Tape is soft and tacky providing a quick grab onto EPDM field membranes, yet possesses high initial strength. Millennium EPDM Seam Tape also exhibits excellent adhesion to polar and nonpolar substrates such as glass, metals, wood, concrete, masonry and some plastics.

Basic Use
Millennium EPDM Seam Tape is designed for field splicing of EPDM membranes.
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Item #




ET-0418 N/A Black N/A 3 "76.3 mm N/A 100 '30.48 m
ET-0419 N/A Black N/A 4 "76.3 mm N/A 100 '30.48 m
ET-0425-07 N/A Black N/A 7 " N/A 100 '30.48 m
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