• Butimat

    Welding of modified bitumen sheeting (SBS, APP) with the flameless BITUMAT B2 is much saver than welding with an open flame. The weld strength is significantly better and the welding process is more economical.

    • Flameless welding of modified bitumen
    • Easy control of hot air volume
    • Uniform welding results
    • High working speed
    • Requires only one user to efficiently weld seams (for open flame two are required, one for heating and one for pressing on)

  • X84 Hot Air Welding Machine and Accessories

    Weighing just 13.5 lbs, the X84 is recommended for high-pitched roofs; with its powerful drive, the X84 overcomes every slope with constant speed and welding quality.
    The X84 is the ideal machine when it comes to welding sub-roof membranes.
    The X84 weighing 13.5 lbs is easy and precise to operate.

  • Uniroof

    The UNIROOF E is particularly suitable for edges, hard-to-reach areas and smaller roofs. Where welding with the VARIMAT V is not possible, the UNIROOF E, with its compact design, offers the ideal solution.

    • Easy to carry thanks to its light weight (28 lbs)
    • Can be used anywhere with 10 A / 230 V power supply
    • Up to 30° incline
    • A lot of power in a small package

  • VARIMAT V2 Hot Air Welding Machine and Accessories

    Using the new VARIMAT V2, polymer roofing membranes can be welded more rapidly resulting in lower cost. Users appreciate its streamlined ergonomics and its ease of use.

    • At more than 39 ft/min the fastest welding speed in the world (depending on material)
    • Guide bar minimizes back strain
    • No brushes to replace means lower service costs
    • User-friendly display with “e-Drive” (press and turn control) to recall preset and saved welding settings

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