The Ultra Cutter™

The most efficient and dependable roof cutter on the market.

Innovative technology. Strict attention to quality.
The streamlined design, easy component accessibility, and high-quality components of the Garlock Ultra Cutter will increase your overall production and reduce the maintenance problems associated with conventional roof cutters. Easy to operate and maneuver, the Ultra Cutter delivers unmatched cutting performance.



  • Maximum protection against hazardous dust and airborne particulates including asbestos
  • Used in conjunction with respirators, no other system offers better protection
  • Removable protection package mounts directly on the Ultra Cutter
  • Water-dampening system releases a precision spray pattern inside the blade guard
  • The H.E.P.A. vacuum system collects the remaining particulates
  • The protection package is removable so the saw can be used as a regular roof cutter
  • 9-hp, 16-cu.-in. Honda engine for maximum horse power and smoother, cooler running operation


N/A Honda

Engine Power

N/A 9 hp

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