The newest addition to our line of harnesses, the Cyclone Tower Harness is the latest in engineering technology for body harnesses. The harness combines durability, comfort and versatility for an exceptional value. An ideal combination for Wind Construction, Wind Maintenance, Wind Rescue and Evacuation.

Attachment Elements:
  • 1 Dorsal & 1 Sternal D-ring for fall arrest
  • 1 Ventral D-ring at waist level in front for rope access & 2 Side D-rings

Adaptability: Fully adjustable shoulder & leg straps, chest strap and waist belt.

Convenience: Shoulder, waist & leg straps have combination buckles for easy adjustment. Tool holder loops & an additional bigger handle at the back for keeping extra carabiners and accessories. Web keepers on shoulder straps for easy placement of free lanyards.

Ergonomics: Ideally positioned elasticized straps for extended comfort. Specially cushioned mesh net has been used for better shock absorption and comfort of the user.

Shoulder Straps
Fully padded straps with comfortable knitted mesh pads for better shock absorption & air circulation.

Quick-Connect Buckle
Extremely easy to use with single-hand adjustment. Made from top-grade corrosion resistant steel.

Ventral D-ring
Provided to be used for rope access, rescue and many other applications making the harness multi-purpose.

Leg Straps
The distinctively placed fully padded straps with automatic buckles for easy adjustment.
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21082 N/A 11.00 lb N/A S - L N/A Quick-Connect N/A Quick-Connect N/A Combination
21083 N/A 12.00 lb N/A XL N/A Quick-Connect N/A Quick-Connect N/A Combination
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