RAM by Garlock Equipment sets a new standard of efficiency in the heating of heat-sensitive rubberized asphalt materials. Garlock delivers the highest degree of quality contruction. productivity and innovation available today. One look at our quality and features will instantly convince you the RAM is the only way to go.There are no Flue replacements, no hassle, no more expense like that of other melters. The RAM oil-jacket design eliminates this expense and downtime by firing into a ceramic-lined burn chamber which in turn heats the heat transfer oil and then the material. No direct flame ever touches metal which is the leading cause of flue failure and fatigue.
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item-1410 N/A Ram 110 Rubberized Asphalt Melter
item-1411 N/A Ram 230 Rubberized Asphalt Melter
item-1412 N/A Ram 410 Rubberized Asphalt Melter
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