Save Money
  • Save time and money the first time you use it
  • Specially designed teeth on front/back to pry up nails and staples without changing tools
  • Heavy duty 1.5" diameter hardwood ash handle
  • Ease to use, lightweight at only 4-1/2 lbs
  • Made with heat treated carbon based spring steel
Red Ripper: There is no better way to remove shingles, Quality Built, Make Shingles Tear-offs Quick and easy, Dual Action Teeth to Pry Nails, Reduces strain on Back & Arms, Three Models to choose from, Pays for itself on the first job
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item-6517 N/A REDRIP N/A 6 27308 97110 0 N/A 30 lb N/A 2.9 CU. FT. N/A 6
item-6518 N/A REDRIP-LR N/A 6 27308 97120 9 N/A 30 lb N/A 3.0 CU. FT. N/A 6
item-6519 N/A REDRIP-SR N/A 6 27308 97130 8 N/A 12 lb N/A 1.7 CU. FT. N/A 3
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