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Gross Power

Rated Speed

Operating Weight with Carriage & Forks

Rated Load Capacity

Fuel Tank

Hydraulic System

Optional Attachments

N/A 74.5 kW101 hp N/A 1,400 rpm N/A 10,760 kg23,722 lb N/A 4,990 kg11,000 lb N/A 150 L39.63 gal N/A <b>Hydraulic System.</b> Fitted as standard a variable displacement axial piston pump is mounted externally on the transmission assembly and supplies oil upon demand to the hydraulic control valve assembly. This reduces both fuel consumption and heat ge
N/A Goodyear 14 .00-24 SGG
N/A 63 kW84 hp N/A 2,200 rpm N/A 4,899 kg10,800 lb N/A 2,500 kg5,500 lb N/A 91 L24 gal N/A 98 L26 gal N/A 14.00 x 17.5
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