WINCO’s broad industrial portable line offers just the right generator for the job at hand. All generator models include the following features: Powder paint finish on rugged wrap-around welded tubular cradles; CARB / EPA approved premium engines with low oil protection; sizes ranging from 3,000 watts to 18,000 watts; large fuel tanks and GFCI’s standard on models 4,000 watts and larger. All WC models also include: Switchless Full Power which allows the full rated output from a single 120 volt or 240 volt outlet, or combination of both, without switching voltage settings; Conserv-R® automatic idle control; hour meter and fuel cap with gauge; full receptacle panel with circuit breakers.
  • ENGINES: Premium Honda and Briggs & Stratton Vanguard CARB and EPA certified engines equipped with low oil protection and industrial grade mufflers
  • FRAMES: Heavy duty tubular steel cradles protect the generator; rubber isolation mounts on engine and generator, compact size for easy transportation and handling
  • FUEL TANKS: Large 4.5, 7.0 and 15.0 gallon fuel tanks for longer run times on 4 kW and larger
  • CONTROL PANELS: Easy-access; wide variety of receptacles; circuit breaker protection
  • SUPERIOR GENERATOR END: 100% copper windings; high motor starting capabilities; self-regulating output voltage; built to last
  • FEATURES/STANDARDS: All units are 100% load tested; USFS- approved spark arrestors; WC models have Conserv-R® automatic idle control and hour meter.
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Item #

Shipping Weight

Maximum Power Rating

Continuous Power Rating

A.C. Output Voltage

Continuous Current Rating

WT3000H N/A 102 lb N/A 3000 W N/A 2500 W N/A 120 V N/A 20.8 A
WC5000H N/A 226 lb N/A 5000 W N/A 4500 W N/A 120/240 V N/A 37.5/18.8 A
WC6000H N/A 251 lb N/A 6000 W N/A 5500 W N/A 120/240 V N/A 45.8/22.9 A
WC6000HE N/A 262 lb N/A 6000 W N/A 5500 W N/A 120/240 V N/A 45.8/22.9 A
W9500HE N/A 306 lb N/A 9500 W N/A 8500 W N/A 120/240 V N/A 70.8/35.4 A
WC12000HE N/A 440 lb N/A 12000 W N/A 10800 W N/A 120/240 V N/A 90/45 A
WL18000VE N/A 550 lb N/A 18000 W N/A 15000 W N/A 120/240 V N/A 125/62.5 A
W6010DEX N/A 300 lb N/A 6000 W N/A 5500 W N/A 120/240 V N/A 45.8/22.9 A
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