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Unparalleled quality from German craftsman combined with American ingenuity and know how, the Garlock Versa-Lift 600 is the most comprehensive material placement device on the market today. Even if you already own a crane, conveyor, or hoist, the Versa-Lift will complement every one of those pieces of equipment and offer capabilities they simply can't. Extremely versatile, and easy to use, set up, and maneuver, the Versa-Lift 600 system will be an indispensable part of your material moving equipment fleet.

The Verso-Lift Garlock elevator simply fits into places and goes places and reaches into places a crane, conveyor, or hoist can’t

Reach into areas and set up in places that cranes, hoist, or conveyors simply can’t. Imagine loading a roof 60 ft from the building. It’s not only possible it’s all part of a days work for the Garlock Verso-Lift 600.

What could be easier! You can literally position the Versa-Lift, raise the boom and extend the rails and start lifting materials in less than 20 minutes and that’s on a 100-ft. building.

Deliver up to 22 tons of rock to a 40-ft. building right from the truck to the roof in an hour at a fraction of the cost of most other cranes.
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