• The safe way to dump debris over the roof edge
  • No tools needed
  • Can be ramped as high as 4’
  • Ramp system is extendible to 10’ - 16’
  • Support ramp secures to chute hopper
  • Can be assembled without roofer hanging
  • Weight baskets are spread approximately 6 feet in rear enabling roofer to lay plywood on support system to build a ramp (plywood not included)
Unit of Measure


Shipping Weight

N/A 577 lb

Capacity Flat on Roof

N/A 2000 lbs when ramped

Capacity when Ramped

N/A 2000 lbs ramp contracted

System Includes

N/A CBL779 - 4 each restraint cables, Wt: 1 lbs. PIN 771 - 6 each Wt: 1 lbs. TC01 - Trash chute hopper, Wt: 155 lbs. TC02 - 2 each weight baskets, Wt: 30 lbs. TC03 - 8 each weight fan, Wt: 8 lbs. TC04 - 2 each guard rail, Wt: 30 lbs. TC05 - 2 each guard feet, Wt: 16 lbs. TC06 - 2 each outriggers, Wt: 96 lbs. TC07 - T-bar, Wt: 30 lbs.

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