The Telehandler HTL 9055 is part of the range of diedel Telehandlers for material lifting and earth moving.
  • Automatic oscillation locking on rear supports allowing a significant improvement in platform lateral stability when handling good
  • Possible combination of mast / telescopic / arm / excavation and accessories movements
  • Ergonomic and flexible joystick with 4 integrated proportional functions
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • 4-wheel drive and steering
  • Stabilisers
  • Tilt corrector: ±10°
  • Smooth approach movements thanks to inching system
  • ROPS/FOPS cabin with heating and ventilation
Unit of Measure


Maximum Lift Height

N/A 54 ft 10 in

Maximum Lift Capacity

N/A 9000 lb

Reach at Maximum Fork Height

N/A 7 ft 10 in

Lift Capacity at Full Height

N/A 5500 lb

Maximum Forward Reach

N/A 42 ft 2 in

Lift Capacity at Full Reach

N/A 1550 lb


N/A 22 ft 2 in


N/A 8 '

Overall Height

N/A 8 ft 9 in

Turning Radius (Outside Wheels)

N/A 14 ft 9 in

Maximum Power

N/A 74.9 kW101.8 hp

Weight with Forks

N/A 26681 lb

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