Top of its class in performance and operater comfort

The EH 27 Low Vib breaker combines maximum performance with the lowest hand-arm vibrations (HAV) in its weight class. The air percussion system offers hight single stroke energy with minimal machine weight for high productivity. This newly engineered model features a leaf spring dampening system protecting the user´s body from vibrations resulting in reduced fatigue and longer working duration.
Unit of Measure



N/A 529 mm20.8 "


N/A 210 mm8.3 "

Weight without tool

N/A 27 kg58.5 lb

Shipping Length

N/A 890 mm35.0 "

Shipping Width

N/A 535 mm21.1 "

Shipping Height

N/A 220 mm8.7 "

Shank Size

N/A 28 x 152 mm1-1/8 x 6 "

Shank Design

N/A Hex

Percussion Rate

N/A 1000 L/min1000 blows/min

Rated Current

N/A 15.0 A

Power Draw

N/A 1.8 kW2.4 hp

Single Stroke Impact (measured at tip of tool)

N/A 50 (5) J (mkp)37

Drive Engine

N/A Double Insulated Universal Motor

Hand-arm acceleration (ISO 8662 Part 1)

N/A 5.5 m/s²18.0 ft/s²

Demolition Performance

N/A 630 kg/h1390 lb/h

Sound Pressure Level

N/A 94 dBA

Standard Package

N/A Includes 3 m / 9.8 ft. Power Cable with Plug Operator's Manual and Parts Book

Shipping Weight (Including Packaging)

N/A 32.3 kg71.2 lb


N/A 27.9 "710 mm

Additional Advantages


  • This electric breaker is the only machine in the industry that dampens vibrations in the entire upper housing including the handles for reduced HAV and optimum operator comfort.
  • The additional handle integrated in the hood of the EH 27 Low Vib gives a high degree of flexibility, as it helps to make transport easier and also to place the tool with precision.
  • The highly impact-resistant hood made of reinforced plastic holds up the most rugged job site conditions while protecting the tool.
  • The centrally located grease fitting makes maintenance easy, as it allows the complete machine to be greased on the job site with a small greas pump.
  • Unit ideally suited for breaking concrete floors, walls, sidewalks, stones, brickwork, frozen ground, heavy clay and similar materials; cutting and breaking asphalt pavement; driving posts, soil probes, ground rods, stakes and tamping small backfill areas.

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