Roller BossTM is hands down one of the most important labor-saving and cost-saving pieces of equipment Garlock builds. It not only reduces the amount of material consumed, but also applies it much faster than traditional dip and rolling from a pail. Roller Boss has been designed to deliver rock-solid construction, better features, and top performance to keep your company well on the side of profitability and success.
Unit of Measure



N/A 52 "


N/A 38 "


N/A 45 "


N/A 342 lb616 lb


  • 25-gal. material tank; 20-gal. useable capacity
  • Cover over 15 squares on one fill on fully adhered jobs.
  • Dual 30’ hoses
  • Uniform application without hotspots or wasted material
  • Perfect for fully adhered EPDMs, seam sealing, and reflective roof coatings
  • Built-in compressor maintains material tank pressure
  • Optional split-top material tank available for easy tank cleanup
  • 4-hp Honda engine


N/A Honda

Engine Power

N/A 4 hp


N/A 25 gal

Material Hose Length

N/A 30 '

Usable Capacity

N/A 20 gal

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