The super sprayer that does it all

The Commander 2120 Sprayer from Garlock is the top of the line in spray performance and technology for cold process materials.This powerful, incredibly versatile, easy-to-use sprayer will handle any spray-grade material and in the most demanding conditions. Rated at 4500 psi and up to 5 gpm output, the Commander 2120 sprays anything from lightweight primers to heavy mastics to exacting specifications, time after time.
Unit of Measure



N/A 69 "


N/A 44 "


N/A 66 "


N/A 750 lb


  • 6-gal. fuel tank allows for up to seven, hours of run time
  • Easy-to-read control panel .
  • Available with three gun options and the Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) spray tip system
  • Hydraulic lift cylinder makes quick work of pail or drum change-out
  • Covered hydraulic hoses are protected from the elements and damage
  • Standard 200’ x 3/4” material hose and 15’ x 1/2" whip hose
  • No daily cleanup/flush required
  • 18-hp Kohler OHV & OHC electric-start engine
  • Optional adapter kit for bulk tank


N/A Kohler OHV & OHC Electric-Start Engine

Engine Power

N/A 18 hp


N/A 6 gal

Material Hose Length

N/A 200 '

Material Hose Diameter

N/A 3/4 "

Whip Hose Length

N/A 15 '

Whip Hose Diameter

N/A 1/2 "

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