• Scaffolding System


    Guardrails are required when stacking and suggested even when using only a single unit. They install into trusses so they will conveniently raise and lower with the platform. Guardrails also have built-in toe-boards.

    Outriggers Guardian offers narrow (61060) and wide (61066) outriggers. 61060 are required when stacking two MFS together. 61066 are required when stacking up to three MFS.

    39” & 65” Ladders
    Guardian offers 39” (61334) and 65” (15358) ladders. Two 65” (15358) ladders come standard with MFS. 39” (61334) ladders are ideal for those who do not require to go up a full 6 feet.

    Universal Wheels
    Casters contain sealed bearings for smooth rolling. A set of four casters comes standard with the purchase of a scaffold, but they are also available individually as extras or replacements.

    Spring Pins
    Universal spring pins allow Guardian Scaffold Systems to interchange with other popular scaffold brands.

    Open Ladder Chain Lock
    Open Ladder Chain Lock is easier to operate than competing brands. Attaching this is as easy as clipping the carabiner to the hook on the ladder.

    Quick-Lock Plank Lock
    Quick-Lock Plank Lock is the easy-to-use locking mechanism for the walk plank and makes installation a breeze.

    Quick-Lock Truss Lock
    Quick-Lock Truss Lock makes installing the trusses pain free and no longer need the aid of a second person for construction.

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