• Spline Adapter



    You need to have an Adapter which will work in the Rotary Hammer Machine you are using. Only two styles are available, Spline Drive and SDS-MAX. Only these machines have the capacity to deliver the torque required to drill holes up to 6” in diameter. The usable length on these Adapters is only 2” (5” of shank fits into the Rotary Hammer).

  • Ratio Core Bit

    Core Bits are preferable for short depth drilling. Extensions can be used if necessary.

  • Pilot Drill Bit 2

    Whether you drill with the Cruciform™ Drill Head or the Ratio Core Bit, a Pilot Drill Bit is necessary. The Pilot Drill Bit fastens the Drill Head or Core Bit onto the Extensions. The Pilot Drill bit also ensures you are drilling in a straight line. Use only the 1/2” x 6” Pilot Drill Bit for the Ratio Core Bit.

  • Cruciform Drill Head

    The Cruciform™ Drill Head has Tungsten Carbide knobs which grind away at concrete, much like the carbide slots on single piece hammer drill bits. For deep drilling, choose a Drill Head according to the size hole you require. Cruciform™ Drill Heads are interchangeable with all Adapters and Extensions. Using a Pilot Drill Bit, Cruciform™ Drill Heads can Fasten directly onto an Adapter when drilling under 3-1/2” deep.

  • 11 in Extension

    Extensions are necessary only for drilling holes deeper than 3-1/2” for the Cruciform™ Drill Head, or 5” for the Ratio Core Bit. All Extensions are interchangeable with each other, and can accommodate any Adapter, Pilot Drill Bit, Cruciform™ Drill Head or Ratio Core Bit.

  • Spiral Flute

    A Spiral Flute is needed mostly when drilling vertically to ensure clearance of debris. For horizontal drilling under 18”, a Spiral Flute may not be required at all. If a Spiral Flute will be used, be sure to use 18” Extension # 800RE455 first. Other extension can then be fastened on to #800RE455 if deeper drilling is necessary.

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