• Pilot Drill

    A-Taper Pilot Drill for Extensions


    1. Clean the Oil or Lubricant from the Taper of the Extension and the Taper from the Core Bit.
    2. Insert the Pilot Bit into the Drive Extension.
    3. Insert the Drive Extension into the Core Bit.
    4. Start the Hole Until the Core Bit is 3/8” deep.
    5. With the Ejector Key, Push Out the Pilot Drill Bit.
    6. Continue Drilling the Hole Until the Material Being Drilled Reaches the Bottom of the Core Bit. Approximately 3-1/2” Deep.
    7. Break the Drilled Material Inside the Core Bit with a Chisel.
    8. Return to Step 6 Until Desired Hole is Finished.

  • Ejector Key

    Ejector Key for Pilot Drills

  • Carbide Core Bits

    4" Tapered Core Bits

    These Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Core Bits are used with either Spline or SDS-MAX electric rotary hammer machines. The special alloy steel body and Tungsten Carbide withstand continuous hammering. A pilot drill bit and extension are required.

  • Extensions for Carbide Core Bits

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